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Garden Town Stellenbosch offers exclusive access to Stellenbosch Private/Home Gardens on Friday, 27th & 28th October, followed by 3rd & 4th November.

This is an exceptional opportunity to witness a spectrum of gardens, from expansive farm landscapes to compact housing project green spaces, encompassing diverse themes such as tranquil waterscapes, cacti enclaves, and specialised organic gardens for microgreens and edible florals.

Our ‘Weekend Passport’ priced at R200 provides unrestricted access to all the showcased gardens throughout the respective weekend.
Please check the programme for respective opening times and information on all listed Private/Home Gardens.

WEEKEND PASS:  R200.  Access to all listed Private / Home Gardens.  Valid for one weekend only.  2 options:  27 & 28 October 2023 OR 2 & 3 November 2023

november, 2023